Stefan Körner Chairman Pirate Party Germany.

Dr. Mark Daniel Jaeger is a specialist in sociology of conflict and risk in the areas of international security and of development cooperation.

Dr. Rob Imre is Senior Lecturer and Head of Politics and International Relations at the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Yvonne Hofstetter is a managing director at Teramark Technologies GmbH and an expert on Data Mining and Big Data.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Fasold is a consultant for the gas industry and expert on strategic gas infrastructure.

Stephane Koch carries out advice and training missions in online social networking and media strategy, competitive intelligence, and information security.

Angelika Beer is Member of the Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein and former Member of the Parliament of the EU and the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Peter Matthiesen is an ex-serviceman from the Bundeswehr and is ranked as a Oberstleutant (Lieutenant-Colonel). He served as a German military attaché in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia during the Kosovo conflict.

Enno Lenze is a free journalist and thanks to his numerous visits he became an expert on Iraq related topics.

Peter Finkelgruen works as an editor, correspondent and author.

Nicole Britz is the chairman of the bavarian branch of the Pirate Party.

Schoresch Davoodi has studied political science at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Publications for the European Peace University Stadtschlaining about International Relations.